Reamedi Cloud

Reamedi Cloud - Modern Education

Integrated with ‘REAMEDI – 1T:1S Tab’ Learning System
State of the art Teaching and Learning (Onsite & Online)

Digital Education: Modern Technology (E-Learning, Cloud Computing, Tele-Education, Satellite Network, Internet access, Mobile devices, etc.) brings reputable experts in any field teaching students anywhere in the world. Appropriate use of technology enables providing quality education at an affordable cost, even in remote corners of the world, bridging the existing huge rural-urban divide. 

21st Century TECH based MODERN EDUCATION

Affordable, Accessible and Relevant education & employable skills development
Cloud-based using most mobile devices – anytime, anywhere
Access Onsite and Online Courses – based on location / institute
Bridge the huge urban-rural divide in access to global, high quality education

REAMEDI cloud has provision to create multiple organization and sub-organizations under each organization
Create and manage the courses with contents in all accessible formats like video, pdf etc.,
Add more values to the courses by giving interactivity to the users like questions and answers, notes,review
Create and conduct exams in objective questions for each courses, will help you analyze the users skills
Issue the certificate as a token to the user for successful completion of each courses
Get report of everything like courses, enrolled users, course reviews, payment history , invoices etc.,


Universities and Colleges (Engineering, Professional, Arts & Science)
Polytechnics, Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs)
Teacher & Professional Training Institutes
Staff Training, Simulation, etc. (Auto, Aeronautical, Manufacturing, Military, etc.)
Healthcare Institutes - Tele-Medicine & Tele-Education in several disciplines


‘REAch ME DIrect’ = REAMEDI providing 1 Teacher: 1 Student teaching ratio
Enhanced Teacher attention & better Student focus
Eliminates paper notes with digital notepad & e-books
1-to-1, 1-to-Many, Many-to-Many – INTERACTIVE collaboration
Individual Student monitoring and prompting by the Teacher - as needed
Parent monitoring & alert – as an added option

Set Up

Central secure Cloud Data Center & Central Digital Broadcast Studio
‘Knowledge Call Center’ (KCC)
REAMEDI hardware set up in each location
50 tablets + 1 Laptop, WiFi, etc. in each classroom

3rd Party Programs

3rd Party OS, Applications, Course Contents, etc. – at cost per the vendor.
Course Contents development (onsite & online) – subject to Providers & End-users
Local Teaching Staff, KCC Staff, Perks, etc. – subject to End-Users

Proven, Affordable, Competitive, Cost-effective, State-of-the-Art Learning System with the best ROI

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